Indonesia’s growing religious intolerance has to be addressed

Letter to the editor

Dear sir,

Having read (February 5th, 2014),I was shocked to hear how much there is religious intolerance in Indonesia. Three years ago 1500 islamist militants attacked to religious minorities. In this letter I claim that religious intolerance is pointless.

First of all it doesn’t matter what others believe because it won’t affect anyone else’s religion. Killing people because of what they believe is really absurd. The majority of religions is really the same, so why some should be punished because they believe in the same God in a slightly different way.

Second, why is the Indonisian goverment so unwilling to help religious minorities for example, Ahmadiyah, a Muslim sect. In my opinion Indonesia’s growing religious intolerance has to be addressed by Indonesia’s government.

In conclusion, no one should be condemned because of what they believe, unless if they believe their religion so much that they could kill for that reason.

Yours sincerely,



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Ottawa terrorist murders an unarmed soldier!

According to “Blackwater on trial over killing of 14 Iraqi civilians in 2007” (Wednesday 11 June 2014) Blackwater on trial killing 17 iraqi civilians in 2007 has begun. The killings were an example of bloody fight against terrorism resulting in civilian casualties. These men will face at least 30 years in prison.

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I was looking for an article about intolerance and found this article about the Ottawa shooting. The article made me think where is this world going to? Terrrorists come to Canada and attack the parliament house and shoots a soldier guarding a monument. Soon they will be able to do whatever they want. We never know who is the next target and what is going to happen. In my opinion we should improve our security on terrorist attacks. The police should be given the resources to counter this kind of a attack before it happens. It is better to put money on this than let it happen. This isn’t good for Muslim population in Canada. People get angry against Muslim in general because of these kind of attacks. We should put more money to counter these acts before they happen. It will be better for all. Nobody dies or if someone dies it should be the planner of these attacks! And most importantly I don’t want Muslims to get discriminated in Canada. It is the little number of Fundamentalists that are trying to ruin our society and our acceptance against other Muslims. This is a problem and we need to do something to change it!

– Aleksander Saarikko


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According to Elon Musk ( artificial intelligence is one of the biggest threats towards humans. And therefore we should be watching that we won’t do anything stupid. Elon Musk is best-known as the co-founder of Tesla Motors.

Janne T.

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White couple suing sperm bank for donor mix


According to “White lesbian couple suing sperm bank for donor mix” in Independent (October 26th 2014), A white lesbian couple are suing a sperm bank for its mix-up between two completely different sperm. The couple had selected white donor but when Jennifer Cramblett was four months pregnant she received a letter from Midwest Sperm Bank, explaining that she had been given the sperm of an African-American donor. Women are worried about raising their dark-skinned daughter in a mainly white community. In a lawsuit the couple claim that Uniontown is too racially intolerant. Ms Crambeltt´s therapist advised the couple to move ´to a more racially diverse area.

 Challenging words:

  • Donor = antaja, luovuttaja

  • Predominantly white community = lähinnä/pääasiassa valkoihoinen yhteisö

  • Refund =  palauttaa, hyvittää

  •  unconsciously = tiedostamatta

  • insensitive =tunnoton, tunteeton

  • Embrace = Omaksua

  • Racial = rotu, rodullinen

  • Intolerant = suvaitsematon

Letter to the Editor

Dear sir,

Having read  “White lesbian couple suing sperm bank for donor mix” in Independent (October 26th 2014), I think it’s really sad that people in this world are so intolerant and narrow-minded. This white same-sex lesbian couple was expecting a dark-skinned child by a donor mix of a sperm bank and the women said thinks that were really racist. There are my three reasons why I think he behavior of the women is absolutely wrong.

First, the couple should be grateful of having a child. Having a child is not an obvious thing only for same-sex couples but also for straight couples. Many couples in this world are trying to have a baby, but one thing or another it’s not possible. Instead of complaining the women should be proud of their child.

Secondly, it’s alarming how racist these women sound like. I feel sorry for their child if she ever reads this text. Besides this couple belong to a minority by them self so they should know how it feels like and raise their child to be proud of that. I would like to know why some people hate and discriminate other people just because of their skin color. These women shouldn’t care about the critical neighbors and show them that your skin color doesn’t matter. We are all humans and there doesn’t exist different races between us.

Third, the women were concerned that their child will be discriminated in the white community where they are living. If those neighbors are bothering them by their opinion of dark-skinned child why this couple doesn’t move to a more racially diverse area?

In conclusion, having a child is a gift no matter if she or he is black or white. We are all different in our own ways and we should be proud of it. People should live their own lives and stop hating everything different like skin color or sexual orientation.

 Sincerely, Hanna T



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The Perfect Weapon for the Meanest Wars


According to “The Perfect Weapon for the Meanest Wars” in The New York Times (Jeffery Gettleman, April 29th, 2007), in the early 1980s, lowlands of Mozambique had a new technology of warfare emerged; a four foot tall killing machine that can sweep villages after villages, also known as the child soldier. They were the perfect weapons for the Mozambicans because endless supply and easily to manipulate to become loyal and fearless soldiers. There are over 300 000 child soldiers worldwide.

In Africa the new rebel movements are motivated and financed by crime, and the popular support became irrelevant. The people in control did not care about their local population but saw them as prey. Three countries in Africa were fuelled by the long-running conflicts on the continent: Somalia, Congo and Uganda.

Neil Boothby, a Colombian University professor who worked with child soldiers across the world, explains the ideology of rebel leaders and reasons to use child soldiers. There is still a lot to do to make the world a place with no child soldiers and wars.

Challenging words

  • Banditry = ryöstely
  • Grievances = epäkohtia
  • Plunder = ryöstää
  • Insurgencies = kapinallisuuksia
  • Gruesome = karmea

Letter to the editor

Dear Sir,

Having read  “The Perfect Weapon for the Meanest Wars” in The New York Times (Jeffery Gettleman, April 29th, 2007), I was surprised of the amount of child soldiers worldwide, over 300 000! Especially in Africa. Letting this happen around the world just makes me feel bad. In this letter I claim that child soldiers should be stopped.

Firstly, In my opinion it’s wrong to even think about making innocent young children into soldiers. These children should be in school and get an education for themselves. Why don’t the parents or even the government do anything about this? I understand that it’s cheep labour but why young children, it’s unacceptable.

Secondly, do occidental people really care about child soldiers or only then when it touches them concretely? I’m pretty sure they care about it but there is not much to do to help it. Or is it just laziness and just thinking; “When I’m ok, I don’t need to do anything about anything”. Who knows?

In conclusion, everyone is against child soldiers but most of all people don’t feel like doing anything about them, especially if they have to work for it. Most likely this will never change, at least in my opinion.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Hämäläinen



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Transgender Intolerance

According to “From school to society, the intolerance transgender people face” (March 20th 2013) in the article are a six-yea-old boy who wants to go to girls bathroom and school doesn’t allow it. Coy is a boy who are not sure about his gender. Transgender people are not treated like everyone else. They can lose their job or denied housing, because transgender is not normal and allowed. Transgender people are having surgery or changing their names to feel more comfortable with their gender. Transgender people live like everyone else. In Coy’s school teachers could teach to children about transgender and fair play.


discrimination = syrjintä

harassment = häirintä, kiusaaminen, ahdistelu

pervasive = kokonaisvaltainen

mistreatment = kaltoinkohtelu

to impart = kertoa

swaddle = kapaloida

insurance = suoja, vakuutus

procedures = menetelmät

disproportionately = suhteettomasti

tremendous = hämmästyttävä


Having read “From school to society, the intolerance transgender people face” in the Guardian (March 20th 2013), I think that it is stupid being against transgender people. It’s terrible how critical are people today against transgender people or anyone who is not “normal”. I believe that we all deserve equal rights and we should learn being with different people. I think that nobody is perfect. It’s going to be huge step to us when we all can stop intolerance.

First, that’s sad when six years old kid can’t use the bathroom at school. If Coy thinks he isn’t male why others think that he is? He has used girl’s bathroom a year and a half and why it’s now a problem? However Coy’s school should let him use the bathroom altough he isn’t girl. If it doesn’t disturb girls he could use it. Instead Coy’s school just think that it isn’t normal to let him use it. We have a thought that everybody was born a girl or a boy and that’s it. For all that we have to remember that somebody can be different and we have to deal with it. Coy’s school shoul learn students about transgender people because it’s important to know what it’s like. It’s good point that things start young and when kids are not teached about transgender, they easily will be against it later.

Second of all, state Medicaid programs should pay something for gender transition. Why transgender people should be stuck paying their most basic healthcare out of pocket. That’s sad how they can’t afford care and go to a doctor who hasn’t good medical training. They put theirself in danger, because they want feel good with their gender. Not that others surgeries would be cheap. Even so health insurance covers treatment when a person whose gender identity matches their physical characteristics, but they have a hormonal imbalance. On the other hand it’s good that transgender people can dress like a man if they want or make up like a woman. People can still look them badly and judge them. That could be why they want surgeries because they want to look like a woman or a man.

Third, i hate that transgender people can be fired from their jobs. They aren’t worse in a job as others. Company’s boss wants them to look better and doesn’t want different people and thinks that bad for the company. It isn’t like that. I don’t care if a transgender people sell me hamburgers. They can sell it as good as other employees. In Finland i don’t think that it is so big prolem to transgender people to have job. It debends so much where you seek job. Since i was a kid i have learned that people can be different and that won’t make them worse. I want that everybody else could understand it too. Besides transgender people can be better employees than others and be fired without any reason.

In conclusion, i think that schools will be teach about transgender more in future. I also want that transgender will be easier to have surgeries and they don’t need to pay so much about them. Intolerance against transgender people could disappear and then transgender people could have job like others and go out with no bad faces. My arguments are all for transgender and i will keep my opinion like this.

Best wishes, Veera


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Deadly intolerance

According to Uganda’s anti-gay law: Deadly intolerance (Mar 1st, 2014) Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni signed in february 2014 a law, which requires a maximum life imprisonment for those who are convicted of homosexuality and therefore requires Ugandans to report of every suspect of being gay. Other countries threats and pleading were ignored although they finance a big part of Uganda. And president Mr Museveni attacked against them by blaming them of the recruiting of Uganda’s children to homosexuality. In Uganda the anti-gay law has some popular support, as well as human-right groups and gay-rights activist denounce it. the tussle about gay rights has been taking attention away from the president Mr Museveni’s extremely autocratic rule where dissent is often violently forbidden. The leaders of Uganda have strict opinions and they stick to them. In the meantime Ugandan gay people will have to pay the price.


  • qualm = epävarmuus
  • pleading = asianajo
  • recruit = aloittaa, esitellä
  • denounce = arvostella, tuomita
  • grooming = siistiminen
  • tussle = kinastelu
  • dissent = toisinajattelu

Dear sir,

Having read Uganda’s anti-gay law: Deadly intolerance in The Economist (Mar 1st, 2014), I’m surprised how hard it can be to accept people as they are, also from the head of the country as it seems. In this letter i claim that laws like this are harming everyones human-rights and accepting gay people is really harmless.

First of all why would anyone choose to be gay given such a treatment? I think nobody. It makes the tolerate people, like me very sad, that some people can be so cruel and narrow-minded. I think if you would be in the gay people position it wouldn’t feel nice. I also thought where this narrow-minded way of thinking even comes from? Bible? There is so many other statutes in bible too, that are not prohibited, so why should this be? There are basic human-rights like to be happy and love, but still the gay people are put in jail for their whole lives. And why? For really loving someone. I think that is really sad and mindless, to put someone in jail for loving and caring. I think everybody should love who they want, although they would be same sex or not. It’s really shocking to put gay people to that position like having a some kind  of sickness.

Second, I’d like to point out that how such a big leader can decide so cruel decision and put every gay to jail for their whole lives. Theres been different kind of people in the world for so long, and you can think what would happen if we’d put all the worlds gay people to jail. I think over a half of this earths population would be in jail. Also people fall in love with the person no the gender, so i can’t imagine how hard that is to understand.

In conclusion, i think we should start accepting people as they are. Stop judging and putting them to different categories. I think also that everybody should expand their perspectives on human-rights and future, because there will always be different kind of people and you can’t put everybody in jail for that. After all we all are the same, not depending to who we love.

Yours Sincerely,

Linda P


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